Even though we are advance in computing technology, weaponry, space exploration and many others, we are still human being. We are still part of our nature. From time to time, we like to go back to nature to seek for inspiration, food for our mind. However we gradually realized that nature provides not just resources of inspiration, it is also a resource for many possibilities of medicine.

There are kinds of diseases that modern medicine has difficulty in treating. As far as treating cancer is concerned, doctor recommended mainly clinical surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy currently. However we know that these procedures usually created great harm to human body. It greatly diminishes the potency of our body immune system, and also the disfeaturing of our body. Many found that they could not lead a normal life ever again. The option is to find solution from the jungle. There are still plenty of fauna and flora in the jungle without name, without known function they served. Studies need to be done to find out if they serve any function in providing medicinal value to mankind.

Physician realizes that bacteria in many parts of the world has built up resistance to medicines, that can treat these bacteria initially. Therefore patients died of bacterial infection even in hospitals. The problem is only becoming more serious day by day. The option is to find solution from the jungle. For example there were studies on the lizard in jungle, how their body contained many mysterious microorganism that may neutralize the harmful bacteria resistant to modern medicines. These microorganism in lizard may be extracted and sent for study.

The diversity of fauna and flora is immensely rich in tropical rain forest. It should have answers to better living of modern mankind. Many people saw the value of logging and fancied in extracting timber from jungle. However this practice is detrimental to the ecosystem of the jungle and causing the disappearance of huge amount of fauna and flora which may be useful for medicinal value study. The results obtained from the studies may save many many lives.

Illegal logging is rampant in many parts of the world. The loggers has left behind a broken jungle with the initial ecosystem destroyed, with the diversity of fauna and flora diminished immensely. Selfishly the loggers have gained wealth, however at the same time they have destroyed the treasure that one day may save mankind. This is a tragedy.