Most people thought that one of the scriptures of Taoism---Tao Te Ching, describes the philosophy of nature. It may be so. On top of that, some felt that this scripture also is rich with paradox.

For hundreds of years, it was commented over and over again for its central idea of "wu wei er wei". Scholars thought that it encourages negative attitude in the society that, if one is to sit down and wait lazily, results can be accomplished on its own.

However, when we use the knowledge of today's medicine to decipher the phrase, it has a totally different meaning altogether.

The phrase simply means to make judgement not using our 5 senses, but using our mind.

All the time we thought that the existence of mind is based on how our 5 senses feel. Which is wrong( see message 19 ). They are entirely different. One is the master, and the other is the servant.

The decision maker should be the master, and not the servant. Don't be fooled by the servant!