To begin with, Wing Chun starts with the practice of 'small thought'. It is a meditation in standing form. The body from the abdomen upwards is resting on the two legs. There is no movements, perfect for people who has no strengths on the legs initially.

Then start the 'searching for bridge'. The leg has to stand singly, and movements of the legs. Still, we have to have a still mind. Count the breathing. The mind is occupied by the movement of the body and would not think of anything else. There is a balance of the movement at the outside and the stillness at the inside. The magic begins when the balance is present. The reality of the universe---'ying' and 'yang', now rest in our body.

If there is still difficulty in focusing and counting the breathing to progress into a balance state, then the combat practice would begin. The movements with speed at the outside will be the focus of the mind. In fact, it would be easiest to feel the balance now!