What is Tao(Dao)? It is the pathway to enlightenment. Because the method to achieve enlightenment is by gaining the balance, therefore they are almost synonymous.

Tao is everywhere, because there is balance everywhere. There is good and evil, left and right, up and down, hard and soft, etc.

In Chinese medicine, herbal medicines of either heaty or chilling are defined. And a person is well because the two forces are balanced.

In Feng Shui, the best place to nest ourselves would be where the tall hills and low lying streams are balanced.

In martial art, the balance is on the forward and backward forces, left turn and right turn forces, etc.

Most people satisfy with these kind of balance because there is already enough magic for them. True, we can have a good living with these knowledges.

This is the Tao in physical world application.

However, if Tao is present in our physical world, then it would also be present in another zone which is the direct opposite of the present physical world. Then only the true meaning of Tao is realized. If we do not have this other Tao, then by its own definition, the person is 'sick' or mortal.

The famous martial artist, Bruce Lee, was trying to come close to it. He initiated the martial art, where no form is the form. But he was not close enough, and died at a young age.

However, my personal opinion was that he has already mastered more than most of the martial artist, including Jacky Chen and Jet Li. He has liberalized himself from the conventional martial art SKILL. And marged into a world where only FORCE and SPEED matters.

This is the Wing Chun 'thrusting finger' expressed to its extreme.

Still, his ending was......

That is why, the virtue of the balance of ying and yang outside our body, will vanish the moment our breathing stops. All the years of effort and hard training in drain. And only God knows when. This is crazy. Therefore we need to see Wing Chun in a new light, not only using it to strengthen our body alone, but both body and mind, to enrich our live, with more joy and fun.