You are right. And my meaning encompasses that.

If a person dreams about a butterfly, happily flying around, and was so real. When he awakes, can he be so sure that it wasn't the other way round that the butterfly was dreaming of him?

Secondly, if the mind is real and is there, then please put it on your palm and show me.

You see, we fool ourselves with our five senses. These five senses, acted as our probe to understand the universe, are handicapped by nature.

Similarly, the 'theory of uncertainty' was recognized by the quantum physicist, because they also found out that the best mean(light ray) to probe into the atom, to understand them, was handicapped by nature. And cannot describe the very existence of a particle with certainty by naming both the speed of moving and position at the same instance. They said: we cannot tell God what to do. It is like saying that it is there and it is not there.