What I am going to describe in the following is purely my imagination, please don't try it unless you are prepared for the risk.

While practicing the 1st part of small thought, breath out. Then take a deep breath in. Tuck in the anal part to join up the 'mak'. Then roll the tongue to touch the top part inside the mouth to join up the 'mak' as well. Stand straight to pull the spine. Stimulated the excretion of the saliva with the tongue, then gulp it down to press down the qi to low abdomen. Keep the breath for at least 2 min. Meanwhile practice the 'tan sau, fuk sau and wu sau' with great strength from the entire body to twist the body muscle. This way will press the qi into 'mak'. While breathing out, imagining the qi goes into the whole body. Repeat this 21 times a day.