In our daily live, we thought we know very well of the events happening in the past, present and going to happen in the future. But we are wrong.

Most of us never have any chance to know about the 'present'.

Every time we feel something, seeing something, hearing something, the message received by our brain was never the 'present', it was the second hand message transmitted through the nerve fibres of the 5 senses. Therefore what we have received in our brain was the 'past'.

We would have no chance at all to detect the 'present' if we rely on our 5 senses only.

There is only one way to probe into the 'present' which is using our mind alone. No more involvement of the 5 senses.

Our mind would surfaced the moment the 5 senses give in and take rests, in meditation.

And we can feel the 'present'.

The 'ying' and 'yang' can represent the past and future. But the present is the ying and yang combined together, which is the past and future combined together.

There is no space and time.

The Wing Chun 'small thought' and the 'sticky hand' are the trainings of our mind to appreciate the 'present'. We should let our mind to surface during the training.

A martial artist should use meditation to probe the 'present' and to refine his fighting art.