In Tao Te Ching, the ying and yang side of all things is being discussed. And ying and yang's concept can apply to all phenomena in nature.

So far we know that the 'present' is what we want to obtain, and to let the mind emerged.

But how to combine the ying and yang to arrive to the emerging of mind?

Many of us said that we have to 'think' that way, others said we have to 'live' that way. But those suggestions would only be leading us astray.

The answer is the fine tuning of the rhythm of our breath while meditating. Breathing out is yang, breathing in is ying. Slow them down, and exert the minimum force possible in breathing. Soon, we will find that the in and out are as if overlapping each other. Therefore, ying and yang are combined.

There were many books discussing about the breathing techniques to help us in conquering fear, to give speech better or to play music better. It was so close and yet not close enough.