Buddha Sakyamuni has found a unique quality in meditation which his yoga masters did not apprehend. It was the ability to free oneself of all worries.

The yoga masters went as high as to attain emptiness or the state of void. But Buddha thought that there was something more.

After much thinking over, I believe that to achieve the state of worry free is possible if one is well prepared for all changes in this physical world.

Buddha realized that there is only one truth in this world, that our world is undergoing constant changes. For every minute that lapse, each of us becomes older, and new things being made, and old things deteriorated.

Our worry is actually a grief over things we cannot hold back.

Therefore Buddha was probably trying to suggest that we need to be well prepared. For example, don't invest in only one counter in the share market. We must cut down the risk by investing in more counters.

What has this got to do with Wing Chun?

If our world is constantly changing, then why is that Wing Chun does not change? The Wing Chun master would need to think carefully how to change to enable a worry free life for all of us.

Wing Chun should come out of the circle of martial art from time to time. How Wing Chun can be used in business, in politics, in games, in daily lives? Perhaps some one should write books on these topics?